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Arizona Fight Club boxing gym is open to professional fighters, amateur fighters in development, as well as individuals looking to get–or stay–in shape. The boxing gym is a safe and supportive environment with a diversity of athleticism and professional trainers to keep you motivated. At the Arizona Fight Club boxing gym, our personal training and small group training are half-hour, high-intensity work-outs to maximize your time in the gym. Your personal training and group training is customized to you and is always changing to keep you challenged and motivated.


Randy Robles boxer with dad About Randy Robles, owner

Randy Robles began his competitive boxing career at the age of 6 and has an amateur record of 425 wins and 11 losses. He has had one of the most accomplished amateur boxing careers in the southwestern United States and has over 40-years in the sport, as both a competitor and a coach. Randy was taught by his father who trained with some of boxing’s greatest legends.

Randy now brings his boxing experience and expertise to the Arizona Fight Club boxing gym to teach boxing for fitness or competition. Whether your goal is an amateur title, guidance and management in a professional career, or you would like to use boxing training to lose a few pounds, Randy can get you there.

Randy is a licensed USA Boxing Coach and professional boxing trainer.